The Dark Heart of the Mogu

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For the quest-starting item, see  [The Dark Heart of the Mogu].

The Dark Heart of the Mogu is an exploration achievement earned for discovering each of the lore objects in Pandaria that tell the tale of the mogu.

Upon interaction with the fourth lore object, adventurers will immediately gain 2000 reputation with the Lorewalkers, and Lorewalker Cho sends a letter via the in-game mail system:

The History of the Mogu

Greetings <name>.

I hear your studies of the ancient mogu are progressing well. We can learn much from the greatness of their ancient empire, as well as the swiftness of tis fall. Come join us at the Seat of Knowledge and I will share with you some additional perspective on our old foe.

Included should be a map to our location. I look forward to our next meeting.

Lorewalker Cho

Attached is  [The Dark Heart of the Mogu], which begins a quest, N [90] The Dark Heart of the Mogu.

Location map

Pandaria map
Valley of the Emperors: Kun-Lai Summit @ 50.4,48.1, Pandaria map @ 45.6,29.6
The Lost Dynasty: Krasarang Wilds @ 51.2,32.7, Pandaria map @ 52.9,75.5
Spirit Binders: Jade Forest @ 42.3,17.5, Pandaria map @ 66.1,37.1
The Thunder King: Vale of Eternal Blossoms @ 39.7,76.5, Pandaria map @ 46.9,58.2

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