The Dark that Blinds Us

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AllianceThe Dark that Blinds Us
Western Tribal Stone

91 (Requires 90)




11g 80s


Take chalk rubbings of the northern, eastern, western, and southern Tribal Stones in the Burial Fields.

Eastern Tribal Stone
Southern Tribal Stone
Northern Tribal Stone
  • Eastern stone rubbing
  • Northern stone rubbing
  • Western stone rubbing
  • Southern stone rubbing


After years of research, there is still so much I do not understand about the Shadowmoon.

To the southwest are stone monuments detailing the orcs' history.

I'm not able to get close enough to examine the stones, but perhaps you can.

If you could take a chalk rubbing of the words written on those stones, and I will reward you handsomely.


You will receive: 11g 80s


Oh my, I see, I see! These writings will give me much insight into the Shadowmoon clan's culture.

Thank you, <name>.

On complete:

Loreseeker Heidii says: I see... the clan's ancestors forbade the use of void magic. So why has Ner'zhul broken their ancient laws?


  • 13830 XP


While in the area for the A [91] Bonus Objective: The Burial Fields, find Loreseeker Heidii at the northwest end of the blue-tinged area. The four stones give the four texts in numerical order regardless of which order you read the stones in:


Today, a bright fire exploded across the heavens.
A great white crystal landed in the plains below our village.
We know not what it is. Is it a gift from our ancestors?


Shortly afterward, a shadow appeared in the sky beneath the pale moon. Some stare at it in fear, others in adoration.
The clan has given it many names: great father, dark mother.
The Chieftain calls it the "Dark Star."


Since the crystals fell, our power has grown in ways we do not fully understand.
We have always spoken the language of the stars and the earth. Now, we hear another - the voice of shadow.
Peaceful Offering


Yesterday, we found one of our clan defiling the spirits of our ancestors.
The Chieftain is livid. It is clear - this new magic is dangerous. It leads us down a path from which we cannot return.
From this day forth, let it be known. The powers of shadow are forbidden to the clan.
The "Dark Star" is evil.

On the side of the four tribal stones closer to the white crystal in the center of the area, find a Peaceful Offering. Each container holds a  [Shadowmoon Offering], 10-20x [Garrison Resources], and will debuff the player for 10 minutes with "Desecrator: Your desecration of the Shadowmoon Clan's burial grounds has not gone unnoticed."



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