The Darkstone Tablet

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HordeThe Darkstone Tablet

60 (Requires 57)






Undercity +350


The Darkstone Tablet contains the secret recipes of a brilliant dwarf alchemist.


Bring the  [Darkstone Tablet] to Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave in Kargath.

Item Needed:


The Darkstone Tablet holds the writings of the long-dead dwarf Urheld Darkstone. An alchemist of great skill, he was thought insane by his contemporaries and, hence, did not share his research.

But he did etch it onto tablets, and I believe one such tablet lies in Blackrock Spire, in a chamber once named the Hall of Fortune. I know not what it is now called, for few enter Blackrock and return.

But if you are willing to brave its dangers and return to me with the tablet, your reward will be great.


The tablet is located in Upper Blackrock Spire so you'll need to have someone with the key let you in. After you defeat Pyroguard Emberseer, the next room is the Rookery/Hatchery/Egg Room. You'll need to pull the dragonkin into Emberseers room to defeat them. During the fight, they'll try to run back into the hatchery to break open the eggs to release dragonwhelps. You must prevent them from running back.

Once the dragonkin are all defeated, you can make your way through the room. You must be careful to not get near any of the eggs. When standing in the doorway, the tablet is ahead on the left. The best way to get it is to go to the far end of the room (as if you were going up the ramp to continue the instance) and come at the tablet from behind. Once taken, the tablet will despawn and reappear after about 30 seconds.


You will receive one of the following:
Inv boots 07.png [Swiftfoot Treads] Inv bracer 17.png [Blinkstrike Armguards]

You will also receive:

  • 2g 70s


Have you found the Tablet, <name>? I yearn to delve into its secrets.


Excellent. The formulae etched into this tablet will consume days of research, but I am confident such research will bear sweet fruit.

Thank you, <name>. You have been invaluable to us.


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