The Defias Brotherhood (3)

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AllianceThe Defias Brotherhood
Start Gryan Stoutmantle
End Master Mathias Shaw
Level 18 (Requires 14)
Category Westfall
Experience 675
Reputation +50 Stormwind
Previous The Defias Brotherhood
Next The Defias Brotherhood

This quest is part of the Defias Brotherhood quest chain.


Take Wiley's Note to Mathias Shaw in Stormwind.


I wonder what Wiley meant when he mentioned the Stonemasons. Perhaps that was a slip of tongue. Could the Defias gang be related to the Stonemasons? Only one man would know for sure: Mathias Shaw, head of SI:7. Show him Wiley's Note and see if he has anything to add to this growing mystery. If you have trouble finding Shaw, check the Barracks in Old Town.


You will receive:


What business do you have with me?  I am a very busy man. . .


This matter might be more complex than Stoutmantle realizes.



  1. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  2. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  3. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  4. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  5. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  6. A [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood
  7. A [22D] The Defias Brotherhood

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