The Defias Brotherhood (quest)

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AllianceThe Defias Brotherhood
Start Gryan Stoutmantle
End Wiley the Black
Level 18 (Requires 14)
Category Westfall
Experience 1,350
Reputation +100 Stormwind
Next A [18] The Defias Brotherhood

This is the first quest in the Defias Brotherhood quest chain.


Gryan Stoutmantle wants you to talk to Wiley in Lakeshire.


The band of wretches responsible for driving the good people of Westfall from the land call themselves The Defias Brotherhood. I need you to infiltrate this clan of thugs. We need to know who heads up the cartel and where they are hiding out. In Lakeshire, in the inn, there is a rogue by the name of Wiley who owes me a favor.

Travel to Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains, east of Elwynn, and find out what you can.


You will receive:


So, Stoutmantle sent you?  Well, I owe him.



  1. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  2. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  3. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  4. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  5. A [18] The Defias Brotherhood
  6. A [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood
  7. A [22D] The Defias Brotherhood

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