The Defiler's Legacy

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NeutralThe Defiler's Legacy
Start Vigilant Quoram
End Archmage Y'mera [63.3, 39.7]
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mac'Aree
Reputation +350 Argussian Reach
Rewards  [Ruined Conservatory Emblem]
38g 80s
Previous N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity
N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning
N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
Next N [110] The Sigil of Awakening


Defeat Archimonde and retrieve the Sigil of Awakening.


It seems you are not so easily deterred. Very well.

Your deeds qualify you to seek the Sigil. To be clear, I am only permitting you to move on. This does not guarantee your success.

The greatest of your challenges lies before you.

You must go to the Praetorium and face Archimonde himself. Only by defeating the master of the Conservatory will you be worthy of the Sigil.

Few have overcome this obstacle. I hope he does not make too much of a mess of you.

("Archimonde: Archimonde did not know he would become the Defiler, but his pursuit of power did not start when Sargeras arrived.")


You will receive: 38g 80s
Inv 6 2raid trinket 4a.png [Ruined Conservatory Emblem]


Archimonde himself... what have we gotten ourselves into?


I have never felt power like this before...

<Y'mera handles the shard cautiously.>

We should get this to Velen as soon as we can.



The Praetorium overlooks the Conservatory in the northeast.

Quest accept
Archmage Y'mera says: I cannot step hoof in the Praetorium. But you knew that, didn't you?
Annoyed, Y'mera states this, along with some sarcasm. Quoram has a condescending smirk in his tone as he 'hmms', as if he really considered the question.
Vigilant Quoram says: Perhaps.
Archmage Y'mera says: I have complete faith in you, <name>. I will be nearby when you are finished.
On approach
Archimonde says: Ah, yes. It has been too long since I have humbled a pupil. Come. Face me.
Archimonde says: I must confess, these trials do provide endless amusement... for me.
Archimonde says: So many come before me, and so many fail.
Archimonde says: You think yourself clever for getting this far, but I know how it will end.
Archimonde says: Tenacity means nothing against my will. I will break you.
The adventurer defeats Archimonde.
Archimonde says: Ha! A worthy tribute to my Conservatory's teachings.
Archimonde says: You will do Argus proud. Claim your prize.
Obtain the Sigil
Y'mera gasps in wonder.
Archmage Y'mera says: You found it! Such power... I can feel it from here.
Archmage Y'mera says: Bring it to me--quickly. We have established a safe perimeter below.
Quest completion
A Lightforged beacon lands in the safe zone.


  1. N [110] A Floating Ruin
  2. N [110] Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus
  3. N [110] Defenseless and Afraid & N [110] Khazaduum, First of His Name
  4. N [110] Consecrating Ground
  5. N [110] The Path Forward
  6. N [110] Not-So-Humble Beginnings
  7. N [110] Conservation of Magic & N [110] Invasive Species
  8. N [110] The Longest Vigil
  9. N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning & N [110] Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery
  10. N [110] The Defiler's Legacy
  11. N [110] The Sigil of Awakening

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