The Demon Seed

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The Demon Seed can be found at Dreadmist Den in the Northern Barrens.[42, 38] It's guarded by Xelnaz.


The Demon Seed is a powerful tool for the Burning Legion, guarded by Xelnaz. It rests in a cave on Dreadmist Peak, above a demonic altar of fire. The Burning Blade rallies around this relic. For reasons unknown, Neeru Fireblade wished to destroy this artifact, although it was a valuable asset of the Shadow Council. It appears that it was never destroyed and now Balgor Whipshank wants it taken to his sister Nagala Whipshank. It's unknown what she plans to do with it.

Objective of

Looting  [Demon Seed] is the objective for the quest H [17] Demon Seed.

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