The Den

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The Den

The Den is the base of operations in the Valley of Trials, and is the starting camp for young orc adventurers. It is in the small southwest corner of Durotar. This is where nearly all the Valley of Trials quests are obtained. It contains basic class trainers and vendors, but no profession trainers.

Inside the cave are several cages, used for holding hostile Captured Northwatch Scouts.





Since the Cataclysm, there have been several changes:

  • The trolls have moved to a new starting area.
  • Ken'jai the priest trainer has disappeared.
  • Ruzan has disappeared.
  • Jen'shan has been replaced by an orc hunter trainer.
  • Mai'ah has been replaced by an orc mage trainer.
  • Magga has moved to Razor Hill.
  • All named NPCs have been moved outside of the cave. The cave is now significantly smaller.