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The Deserters

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For lore about deserters, see Deserter.
For information about the debuffs, see Deserter (debuff) and Dungeon Deserter.
The Deserters

The Deserters is a wood-panel scroll leaning against some baskets by a saurok standard post at [67.4, 60.9] on the east side of the Lake of Stars, near the bonfire in Dread Wastes.

Interacting with the scroll is a requirement of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Between a Saurok and a Hard Place].

The Deserters

When the mogu declared the purging of the saurok, a number of legions were still deployed in the field. Word reached the saurok of their masters' treachery, and so they turned on their officers, and vanished behind enemy lines in the mantid lands. Many legions of mogu and their slaves were dispatched to hunt down and destroy these deserters. None ever returned.

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