The Direct Solution

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NeutralThe Direct Solution

7 (Requires 1)




1s 75c



Kill 20 hozen in Fe-Feng Village.

  • Fe-Feng Hozen slain (20)


Alright <name>, this is the second time we've had to deal with ravaging hozen. I think it's time we take care of this problem the Huojin way. No more patience. No more mediation. We go to the source.

We're going into the hozen village to the north and we're punishing those smelly troublemakers. I've been looking forward to a chance to fight by your side again, <name>.


You will receive: 1s 75c


The time for kindness is done. We have monkeys to kill.


Invigorating! A good fight always makes me feel better!


Pick up N [7] Do No Evil and N [7] Monkey Advisory Warning before heading out.

Head back to town and circle clockwise to the northwest to reach Fe-Feng Village. Ji Firepaw will join the party just outside town. Immediately outside town is a  [Jade Tiger Pillar]. Interact with it to pick up N [7] Stronger Than Bone before continuing in to town.

Stolen Fireworks litter the ground, probably guarded by Mob Fe-Feng Firethieves. Mob Fe-Feng Ruffians are also all over town. Don't go out of the way to kill hozen, as enough will get in the way while collecting fireworks and finding Ruk-Ruk. Mob Ruk-Ruk can be found all the way off at the western end of the village. He is a level 7 hozen with 1,233 health and no special abilities.

Don't worry about there being too many hozen on your way. Let Ji tank them — he is quite a killing machine and will immediately respawn with full health if he goes down. However, you will only get credit for those hozen you personally dealt at least some damage to.

While running back to Morning Breeze, turn in all three quests to Ji. Turn Stronger Than Bone to Jojo to continue.

Ji Firepaw says: Let's tackle this one together!
  • Ji Firepaw says: Hah! Way to go! You are a natural at this.
  • Ji Firepaw says: I like the way you fight!
  • Ji Firepaw says: He had that one coming.
  • Ji Firepaw says: Ouch! That one looked painful!
  • Ji Firepaw says: You make this look easy.
  • Ji Firepaw says: They never stood a chance.
  • Ji Firepaw says: You've got this handled.
  • Ji Firepaw says: I need to fight by you more often.


  1. N [6] Morning Breeze Village
  2. N [7] Rewritten Wisdoms & N [7] Tools of the Enemy & N [7] Stronger Than Stone
  3. N [7] The Direct Solution & N [7] Do No Evil & N [7] Monkey Advisory Warning & N [7] Stronger Than Bone
  4. N [7] Balanced Perspective
  5. N [7] Dafeng, the Spirit of Air
  6. N [7] Battle for the Skies
  7. N [8] Worthy of Passing
  8. N [8] Unwelcome Nature & N [8] Small, But Significant
  9. N [8] Passing Wisdom
  10. N [9] The Suffering of Shen-zin Su

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