The Disciple's Challenge

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NeutralThe Disciple's Challenge
Jaomin Ro at the Tranquil Grotto

2 (Requires 1)





Defeat Jaomin Ro.


<name>, I see great strength and great courage in you, and an unsurpassed purity of soul.

The hour is young, but I think you may be ready to face a greater challenge.

Go to the bottom of the stairs, and cross the bridge. There, you will find Jaomin Ro, one of our eldest students. Challenge and defeat him in honorable combat, and this phase of your training will be complete.


You will receive: 1s


Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. Jaomin Ro knows this. He finds strength in every defeat.

You may yet learn that lesson.


You truly impress, <name>. It seems certain that the path of the <class> is indeed the path for you.


Exit the building and head southeast, down the stairs. Pass to the left of Trainee Nim and cross the bridge to find Jaomin Ro in the Tranquil Grotto, marked with a skull on the minimap. Ro is a level 3 pandaren with 497 health and the following abilities.

  • Basic melee — 3-4 Physical on cloth
  • Baby Elehpant takes a Bath Instant. Hits for 5 Physical, knockback.
  • Hawk Diving to Earth 1 sec cast. Hits for 10 Physical with a knockdown component. Stuns Ro for a few seconds as well (10 sec cooldown)

Defeat Jaomin Ro and return to the bridge, where Master Shang Xi has relocated to. Turn in and move on.

Passing Trainee Nim:

Trainee Nim says: I hope you're ready, <name>. Jaomin Ro awaits you just over the bridge.

Approaching Jaomin Ro:

Jaomin Ro says: A challenger approaches.

Victory: (one chosen randomly)

Jaomin Ro says: Well fought. Master Shang will be pleased.
Jaomin Ro says: You've been trained well.
Jaomin Ro says: I bow to your skill. You bested me fairly.
Jaomin Ro says: Amazing! You're much stronger than you look.
Jaomin Ro says: It seems I have more training to do. Thank you for the lesson.
Jaomin Ro says: It was an honor to be defeated by you.


  1. N [1] Much to Learn
  2. N [1] The Lesson of the Iron Bough
  3. N [2] The Lesson of the Sandy Fist
  4. N [2] The Lesson of Stifled Pride
  5. N [2] The Lesson of the Burning Scroll
  6. N [2] The Disciple's Challenge
  7. N [2] Aysa of the Tushui
  8. N [3] Items of Utmost Importance & N [3] The Missing Driver
  9. N [3] The Way of the Tushui
  10. N [3] Ji of the Huojin
  11. N [4] The Way of the Huojin
  12. N [4] Kindling the Fire & N [4] Fanning the Flames
  13. N [4] The Spirit's Guardian
  14. N [4] The Challenger's Fires
  15. N [4] Only the Worthy Shall Pass
  16. N [4] Huo, the Spirit of Fire
  17. N [5] The Passion of Shen-zin Su

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