The Disruption Ends

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For the Cataclysm version, see H [12] The Far Watch Offensive.
HordeThe Disruption Ends

15 (Requires 9)



Kill 8 Razormane Geomancers, 8 Razormane Defenders, and Kreenig Snarlsnout.

Then bring Kreenig Snarlsnout's Tusk to Thork at the Crossroads.


One of my scouts witnessed an attack on a caravan from Durotar, <name>. The culprits are indeed the Razormane tribe of quilboars. One of the quilboars in particular is leading the raids: Kreenig Snarlsnout. He was seen northeast of here, just south of the road from Durotar. If the threat is to be ended, then Kreenig must die.

To be sure the attacks cease, though, I say we add insult to their injury. Kill Kreenig along with more of their tribe, and return to me when you have his tusk.


You will be allowed to choose one of the following:
Inv belt 01.png [Binding Girdle] Inv belt 03.png [Cinched Belt]


Cut off the head of their leader, and chaos ensues, Masai. Learn this lesson well. It will aid you in the future.

The boars will flounder without direction, and we will be able to take back the Barrens.


Well done, <name>. With Kreenig's death, there will be a definite decline in the attacks on our caravans.

Your people should be proud to count you among them.


The Razormane Quilboars you need to kill are to the northeast of Crossroads. They will be in large numbers along the north and northeast side of the mountains east of Crossroads.
Kreenig Snarlsnout will be south southwest the Crossroads' Supply Crates northeast of the mountains east of Crossroads. There will be Razormane Mystics, Razormane Defenders, and some Razormane Hunters near this area, too.
You will need one inventory space free to retrieve Kreenig Snarlsnout's Tusk from his corpse. This is a required item to complete the quest.

You may wish to complete this quest along with the H [12] Supplies for the Crossroads quest, as you will find the Crossroads' Supply Crates around the Razormane Defenders and the Razormane Geomancers.

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