The Dreadblades (quest)

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NeutralThe Dreadblades

98 - 110 (Requires 98)




1g 54s


N Rogue [98 - 110] A Friendly Accord


Capture the Horizon's Edge and obtain the Dreadblades.

  • Set sail
  • Dreadblades obtained
  • Fly to Dalaran


I can promise ya a safe journey to Eliza's position, but once we're there... well, we both know there be no guarantees.

The plan is simple. We'll take the Crimson Veil as close as we can get her without being seen and disembark from there.

Once we're ashore, we'll board the Horizon's Edge, bribe her mutinous crew to hand it over, and hunt down Eliza and her legendary blades wherever she may be.

Just say the word when yer ready.


You will receive: 1g 54s


You did fine work today, <lad/lass>.



On accept
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Just let me know when yer ready. Eliza won't know what's comin' for her!
Are ya ready?
Gossip Set sail for Azsuna!
Cutscene plays and Tethys says text that isn't shown:
Hoist the sails! Reel in the anchor! Ready yourselves, ya salty dogs! Azsuna awaits!

Stage 1 - Maritime Diplomacy

Commandeer the Horizon's Edge.
  • Commandeer the Horizon's Edge.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Let's get a move on! The Horizon's Edge be just over this ridge.
Crackers says: Squawk! Taking the ship.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Ye sneak past the guards, and make sure the first mate see our side o' things. We'll join ya after that.
Crackers says: Rawk! Sneak past! Sneak past!
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Good luck out there. I'll be watchin' for yer signal.
Crackers says: Rawk! Landmines!
Stepping on a Landmine
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: I might've neglected to mention that the beach is crawlin' with land mines. Keep yer eyes peeled!
Approaching a crew member
Dread Sharpshooter says: I smell an intruder.
Dread Harpooner says: Who goes there?
Dread Harpooner says: You hear something?
Dread Harpooner says: Keep your eyes peeled. They're close.
Boarding the ship
First Mate DeGauza yells: Swab the decks till they shine, ya dirty bags of bones. The Dread Admiral demands perfection!
Attacking DeGauza
First Mate DeGauza yells: How did you get past me crew?! Useless, the lot of ya!
First Mate DeGauza says: The rest of the Dread Fleet is on its way. What's yer plan, then?
First Mate DeGauza says: Is that the best you can do? Me deck swabbers fight better!
First Mate DeGauza yells: Now that's an offer I can't refuse! Fall back to the temple. They can have this pile of driftwood!
DeGauza and the pirate crew abandon the ship and run away.

Stage 2 - Blood and Plunder

Find the Dread Admiral Eliza in the Temple of a Thousand Lights.
  • Find the Dread Admiral Eliza
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: The Horizon's Edge is ours, lads... ain't she a beauty?
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Ye'll be findin' Eliza in the temple ruins ahead. Keep yer wits about ya! Her whole crew's onto us now.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: We'll provide naval support as soon as we're up and runnin'.

Stage 3 - Eliza's Gambit

Defeat Lord Brinebeard.
  • Defeat Lord Brinebeard
Dread Admiral Eliza says: So, you're the one who stole MY ship and killed MY crew.
Dread Admiral Eliza says: Release the giant. I have business to attent to within the temple.
First Mate DeGauza says: With pleasure, admiral.
First Mate DeGauza says: All will know the blades of the Dread Admiral Eli--

Stage 4 - Into the Depths

Pursue the Dread Admiral Eliza into the temple depths.
  • Pursue the Dread Admiral Eliza into the temple depths.
After killing the water elemental
Dread Admiral Eliza says: The Dreadblades have claimed entire fleets. Impenetrable fortresses have gushed rivers of blood by their will. To utter their name instills fear in sailors' hearts.
The temple starts to crumble.
Dread Admiral Eliza says: They know no equal... I know no equal! Turn back now, and you may yet live to tell the tale.
Progress further into the temple, to the right.

As the player enters the room, Eliza sucks all the blood spilled across the room with her blades.

Final Stage - Claiming the Prize

Defeat the Dread Admiral Eliza and claim the Dreadblades
  • Defeat Eliza
  • Claim the Dreadblades
Talgath says: Destroy them. Your blades thirst.
Engaging Eliza
Dread Admiral Eliza says: It will be my pleasure.
Dread Admiral Eliza says: I have already seen my destiny. You are not a part of it!
Dread Admiral Eliza says: I am the scourge of the seas, the fear in sailors' hearts! You are NOTHING!
Dread Admiral Eliza yells: ENOUGH! I'll run you through!
Dread Admiral Eliza yells: Impossible...
Blades claimed
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: We can't hold 'em off forever! Get the lead out of yer boots and get outta there!
Exterior reached
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Ye made it out in one piece! Ah, and you have 'em! I've seen no finer swords in all me days.
Upon mounting the Gryphon
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: We'll sail the ships to Dalaran, 'tis a short jaunt from here. I'll meet ya in the Halls of Shadows!


Original campaign

Level 98
  1. N Rogue [98 - 110] Call of The Uncrowned
  2. N Rogue [98 - 110] The Final Shadow
  3. N Rogue [98 - 110] A Worthy Blade
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Rogue [98 - 110] Honoring Success
  6. N Rogue [98 - 110] Right Tools for the Job
  7. N Rogue [98 - 110] Injection of Power
  8. N Rogue [98 - 110] Delegation
  9. N Rogue [98 - 110] Lethal Efficiency
Level 101
  1. N Rogue [101 - 110] Return to the Chamber of Shadows (optional)
  2. Complete all of the following:
  3. N Rogue [101 - 110] A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
  4. N Rogue [101 - 110] The School of Roguery
  5. N Rogue [101 - 110] The Big Bad Wolfe
  6. N Rogue [101 - 110] What Winstone Suggests
  7. N Rogue [101 - 110] A Body of Evidence
  8. N Rogue [101 - 110] Spy vs. Spy
Level 102
  1. N Rogue [102 - 110] Another Worthy Blade
Level 103
  1. N Rogue [103 - 110] The Bloody Truth
  2. N Rogue [103 - 110] Mystery at Citrine Bay
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Rogue [103 - 110] Dark Secrets and Shady Deals
  5. N Rogue [103 - 110] Convincin' Old Yancey
  6. N Rogue [103 - 110] Fancy Lads and Buccaneers
  7. N Rogue [103 - 110] Champion: Fleet Admiral Tethys
  8. Complete all of the following:
Level 110
  1. N Rogue [110D] Maw of Souls: Ancient Vrykul Legends
  2. N Rogue [110] The Raven's Eye
  3. N Rogue [110] Off to Court
  4. Complete both:
  5. N Rogue [110D] Black Rook Hold: Into Black Rook Hold
  6. N Rogue [110] Deciphering the Letter
  7. Complete both:
  8. N Rogue [110G] The World is Not Enough
  9. N Rogue [110] A Burning Distraction
  10. N Rogue [110] The Captive Spymaster
  11. N Rogue [110] Picking a Fight
  12. N Rogue [110] A Simple Plan
  13. N Rogue [110] Under Cover of Darkness
  14. N Rogue [110] The Imposter
  15. Complete both:
  16. N Rogue [110] One More Thing...
  17. N Rogue [110] A Hero's Weapon

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