The Embiggining

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AllianceThe Embiggining

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] Fit for Grong & A [120] Calibrate the Core



Test Grong's stats while embiggified.

  • Speak to Megs
  • Embiggify Grong
  • Reach the marker
  • Speak to Grong
  • Embiggify Grong


I'll give you the quick rundown before we get started.

The Embiggifier is remotely controlled.

See this big red button?

<Megs gestures to the device in her hand.>

This jolts the wearer with a surge of power, making them bigger.

For safety reasons, you should remain here at camp.

I think that's it! Are you ready to science?


You will receive:


Let's see what Grong can do once he's been embiggified!


Grong exceeded all our expectations. I'd say this is a resounding success.


Speak to Megs

All our hard work is about to pay off, <name>.

Let me know when you're ready to make history!

Gossip I am ready.

Megs says: Let's see what an embiggified Grong can do!
Embiggify Grong
Grong get significantly bigger.
Morton Cogswald says: Would you look at that! What a beast!
Megs says: Definitely bigger, yes. But we still need to monitor his other stats.
Reach the marker
  • (Using Speak) Grong says: I am Grong. I am helping.
Megs says: Certainly faster than before. How's his intellect holding up?

Use Speak.

Grong says: Me want bigger! Me can handle it.
Megs says: We can't recommend that.
Morton Cogswald says: But we won't stop you either!
Embiggify Grong
Grong gets even bigger.
Grong yells: Grong strong!
Grong yells: Moar big! Bigger! MOAR! GROOONG!
Megs says: Deteriorating mental state, noted.
Morton Cogswald says: Direct him back to camp, <name>. It's time to test his strength!
  • (Using Speak) Grong yells: Grong strong! STROOONG GRONG!

You can try Grong's gossip once again.

Me Grong!
  • Gossip Are you sure you want to do this?
Grong strong! STROOONG GRONG!
Moar big! Bigger! MOAR! GROOONG!


  1. A [120] Changing Course (optional)
  2. A [120] Sensitive Intel
  3. A [120] This is Huge!
  4. A [120] Real Big Power
  5. A [120] A Beast with Brains
  6. A [120] Out of Options & A [120] Freedom for the Da'kani
  7. A [120] Bittersweet Goodbyes
  8. A [120] The Needs of the Many
  9. A [120] Bring the Base
  10. A [120] Fit for Grong & A [120] Calibrate the Core
  11. A [120] The Embiggining
  12. A [120] Total Temple Destruction
  13. A [120] A Nice Nap
  14. A [120] The Sleeper Agent

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