The Stuff of Dreams

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NeutralThe Stuff of Dreams

110 (Requires 110)



Collect Purified Life Essence from the Emerald Dreamway.


This arcan'dor is one of an ancient species. They were not bred, but created. In them the arcane and primitive druidic magics merged into something greater than both.

The arcane will soon devour it whole.

We can restore balance, but it will require wild magic. Magic trapped in another realm.

You must enter the Emerald Dreamway and bring back the essence of life itself.

Only then can the arcan'dor find stability and begin to thrive once more.


You will receive:
Inv enchant essencenethersmall.png [Dream Tear]


Do you have it?


I do not know how you obtained this, but I know it was not easy. Much stands against us, but you prevailed. Come. Let us restore the arcan'dor.



As soon as you accept the quest, a portal to the Emerald Dreamway will open behind Farodin. Enter it and kill the Image of Xavius, then return.

On complete:

Farodin and First Arcanist Thalyssra approach the unstable arcan'dor, and he begins to channel the essence into the tree.
Valewalker Farodin says: Even in this state, the arcan'dor continues to grow.
Valewalker Farodin says: A pure life essence... I only hope it is enough.
The essence melds into the tree; the arcane lightning dissipating.
Valewalker Farodin says: [Relieved sigh]... Balance is restored. The Arcan'dor will not fail.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: We will carry this burden, Valewalker. Have a little faith.

As noted below, this quest previously required participation in the Emerald Nightmare raid.

While you are on this quest, the Emerald Dreamway is phased, and portals in it are not accessible.


  1. N [110] A Growing Crisis
  2. N [110] Fragments of Disaster & N [110] The Shardmaidens
  3. N [110] Another Arcan'dor Closes...
  4. N [110] The Stuff of Dreams

Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1.0 (2018-12-11): No longer automatically completed; instead it now requires killing a soloable Image of Xavius in the Emerald Dreamway. Text changed accordingly.
    The objective previously read: "Collect Purified Life Essence from the Emerald Dream, hidden inside the Emerald Nightmare Raid."
    The fourth paragraph previously read: "You must enter the Emerald Dream- the pure, unsullied vision of Azeroth - and bring back the essence of life itself."
    Renamed, no longer contains "The Emerald Nightmare"
  • Hotfix (2018-09-04): "The Nightfallen quest “The Stuff of Dreams” no longer requires defeating Xavius in Emerald Nightmare."
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.

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