The Emperor's Burden - Part 3

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The Emperor's Burden - Part 3

"The Emperor's Burden - Part 3" is part of a series of in-game books called The Emperor's Burden.

The shrine can be found at [55.9, 56.8] to the left of the instance line of the Temple of the Jade Serpent on the Jade Temple Grounds. Interacting with the pandaren lore object is one of the objectives of the Pandaria exploration achievement [The Seven Burdens of Shaohao].


The Emperor's Burden - Part 3

It was at this very location ten thousand years ago that Shaohao, the last emperor of Pandaria, defeated the Sha of Doubt and imprisoned it within the land.

From the Book of Burdens, Chapter 5:

"Shaohao meditated for three days and three nights, for the counsel of the Jade Serpent was unclear. How could one purge oneself of all doubt?

"Weary of waiting, Shaohao's travelling companion the Monkey King whittled a strange grimacing visage out of bamboo. He urged the Emperor to place the mask of doubt on his face..."

While mischief was the Monkey King's motivation, the mask worked - As Shaohao pulled the mask away, his doubts took on a physical form. For seven hours they fought, until the Sha of Doubt was buried.

From that day onward, the last emperor had no doubt that he would save Pandaria from the Sundering. He became a creature of faith.

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