The Empress' Gambit

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NeutralThe Empress' Gambit



90 (Requires 90)


+250 Klaxxi


19g 84s 50c



Report to Malik the Unscathed outside the Heart of Fear.


Grand Empress Shek'zeer has finally lost her patience with us. We have learned of an enormous army, massing in the shadows of the Heart of Fear, with orders to crush Klaxxi'vess.

We have been fortunate to hold out this long, but we cannot survive a siege of this scale.

Wakener, you have been invaluable to our efforts. Come, take your place on the field among we paragons.

I will see you on the battlefield!


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Klaxxi'vess must not fall.


Malik the Unscathed has fallen in battle. Nine paragons remain. They must be somewhere out on this battlefield.


This quest opens up upon reaching Exalted with the Klaxxi.

On accept:

Malik the Unscathed says: Heroes never die, <name>.

Fly to the entrance of the Heart of Fear at [40.4, 34.6] where Malik is standing outside the gates.

The Klaxxi have spoken. The Empress must fall.

Gossip Let's get started.

Malik the Unscathed says: Who holds this swarm? Show yourself! Answer to the Klaxxi.
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: Treasonous Klaxxi... her magnificence was right about you.
Malik the Unscathed says: Speak your name puppet, that our annals will be complete.
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: Grand Vizier Zor'lok, voice of the Empress.
Malik the Unscathed says: Your "Empress" has fallen. The Klaxxi have pronounced judgment. Stand aside or be brushed away.
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: The Klaxxi are to be disbanded, by the will of the Empress.
Malik the Unscathed says: Blaspheme!

Malik flies up in the air, ready to attack.

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: The desperate Klaxxi have resorted to digging up fossils. Very well: let us finish this.

Zor'lok tears Malik apart, instantly killing him.

Malik the Unscathed says: Kl-kl-kl-kl-klagh!
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: "Unscathed," indeed.
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok says: Forward! The Klaxxi reveal themselves as traitors. Decimate them, and leave nothing behind.

Zor'lok walks back inside the Heart of Fear, and the quest is completed.


  1. N [90] The Empress' Gambit
  2. N [90] The Wrath of Shek'zeer
  3. N [90] Shadow of the Empire

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