The Exarch Council

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AllianceThe Exarch Council
Maraad and Othaar

91 (Requires 90)




Item level 512 off-hands and one-hands
1g 18s


A [91] Defenstrations



Speak with Exarch Othaar in Elodor.


Good work at the gates! The Shadowmoon orcs have been seeking prisoners for some reason. Their aggression helps our cause.

Come with me. I would like to introduce you to the Exarch Council, "The Hand of the Prophet." I have been trying to convince the Exarchs to support our cause and go on the offensive against the Iron Horde, but they are - as always - too cautious and slow to act.

Come with me, I will introduce you to Exarch Othaar up the hill. Perhaps meeting an Alliance hero can sway the council.


You will receive one of:

Item level 512 off-hands and one-hands
Inv offhand 1h draenorquest95 b 02.png [Karabor Arcanist Tome] Inv axe 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Rangari Initiate Hatchet]
Inv axe 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Karabor Honor Guard Axe] Inv knife 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Rangari Boot Knife]
Inv shield draenorquest b 02.png [Karabor Stargazer Shield] Inv shield draenorquest b 01.png [Karabor Honor Guard Shield]

You will also receive: 1g 18s


On accept:

Maraad mounts up and starts moving toward Elodor proper. While passing the fields:
Vindicator Maraad says: Your laborers are hard at work, Commander. Soon your garrison will be well-stocked with food.
On reaching Othaar, Maraad dismounts and approaches on foot.


<Exarch Othaar is a towering, intimidating figure. His eyes bore in to you, determining if you are friend or foe.>

So, you are <name>, esteemed <class> of this "Alliance" that has appeared on our shores. On behalf of the Exarch Council, I welcome you to Elodor.



  1. A [91] Migrant Workers
  2. A [91] Circle the Wagon
  3. A [91] Invisible Ramparts
  4. A [91] Defenstrations
  5. A [91] The Exarch Council
  6. Complete all of
    • Naielle
    1. A [91] Naielle, The Rangari
    2. A [91] Fun with Fungus
    • Hataaru
    1. A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer
    2. A [91] Shut 'er Down
  7. A [91] Exarch Maladaar
  8. A [91] Trust No One
  9. A [91] Warning the Exarchs
  10. A [91] Speaker for the Dead
  11. A [91] The Traitor's True Name

Optional Garrison Follower conclusion:

  1. A [91] Friend of the Exarchs
  2. A [91] Supply Drop

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