The Exile

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NeutralThe Exile

89 (Requires 87)




+75 Shado-Pan




N [89] First Assault, N [89] Running Rampant, N [89] Perfect Pitch


Kill Urang, Ku-Tong, and Battat.


What is there to say, stranger?

I fought Jung Duk and lost. I was the fool to believe he would fight fairly.

Now, my own brothers turned against me, and here I am, speaking to our enemies.

I know you have come for Osul blood.

I only ask that you hunt down the three who betrayed me.

Urang, who poisoned my drink. Ku-Tong, who bent my spear. And Battat, whose dagger slipped into my side as my victory was assured.

Do this, and I can die in peace.


You will receive: 11g


How could they have betrayed me? They were once my brothers!

Why did they turn on me? WHY?

I hate them! I will slaughter them all!


It pleases me to know those cowards died at your hands.

Perhaps now, this burning tide in my heart will ebb.



After picking up N [89] Pitching In, N [89] Seeing Red, and N [89] Ranger Rescue at Fire Camp Osul, just north of the questgivers is Katak the Defeated, who offers this quest.

Start killing Spearguard for Seeing Red and Ranger Rescue. Use the Stone Keys the spearguards drop to open Drywood Cages, which contain Longying Rangers. They will join the party once freed. Use the quest item on Osul Ballista to destroy them, not regular attacks. The three named do count for Seeing Red, so take advantage of that. Battat is just to the west, Urang is just to the northwest of Battat, and Ku-Tong is on the north side of the big field, all in big tents.

Suna and Ban after Ranger Rescue

Lin, unfotunately, did not make it. His corpse can be found just south of Ku-Tong's position, north of the big field. Finish up and turn in.


Optional breadcrumb: N [89] My Husband... -or- N [88] Beyond the Wall

  1. N [89] A Foot in the Door
  2. N [89] First Assault & N [89] Running Rampant & N [89] Perfect Pitch
  3. N [89] Seeing Red & N [89] Ranger Rescue & N [89] Pitching In
  4. N [89] Jung Duk

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