The Exodar (Blood of Gladiators)

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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Name Faction Supertype Type Talent Subtype Card

Alliance The Exodar Alliance Location City
Talent Professions Tags
Rules The Exodar TCG Card.jpg

Full Art

Draenei Hero Required
(1), Activate → Draenei in your party have +1 ATK this turn.
"Once a satellite of Tempest Keep, the Exodar crash-landed on Azeroth and became a surrogate home for the draenei." - Explorers' Guild Guide to Kalimdor
Race Class ATK type ATK Def Strike cost
Allowed Cost
Race Class Profession
Set Number Rarity Artist Health
Blood of Gladiators 206/208 Rare Howard Lyon