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The Exorcism of Colonel Jules

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AllianceThe Exorcism of Colonel Jules

61 (Requires 58)






Honor Hold +250







Speak with Anchorite Barada. Use the prayer beads to help with the ritual, and then speak with Colonel Jules when he is saved. Finally, return to Assistant Klatu.


<name>, it is time to save Colonel Jules. His condition has worsened and Barada fears that, if we do not cleanse him of his corruption, he will be lost to us. Take the prayer beads you found and speak with Anchorite Barada to begin the ritual. Let no disruptions stop the ritual... and if all goes well, Colonel Jules will be saved. Speak with Jules when he is saved, then return to me.


Go to Anchorite Barada, <name>. He must succeed with his ritual if the colonel is to be saved.


You will also receive: 4g


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
+250 Honor Hold faction
12000 xp or 4g 58s 50c at level 70.


You have done it, <name>. You have saved Colonel Jules' soul and cast the darkness within him back to where it came. A great, noble deed this is! A hero's day!


  • Anchorite Barada says: It is time. The rite of exorcism will now commence...
  • Anchorite Barada says: Prepare yourself. Do not allow the ritual to be interrupted or we may lose our patient...
  • Colonel Jules says: Keep away. The fool is mine.
  • Colonel Jules says: No! Now yet! This soul is ours!
  • Anchorite Barada says: Be cleansed with Light, human! Let not the demonic corruption overwhelm you.
  • Colonel Jules says: I will tear your soul into morsels and slow roast them over demon fire!
  • Colonel Jules says: All is lost, Anochorite! Abandon what hope remains.
  • Anchorite Barada says: In the name of the Light! It is Light that commands you! It is Light that flung you to the depths of darkness!
  • Colonel Jules says: This is fruitless, draenei! You and your little helper cannot wrest control of this pathetic human. He is mine!
  • Colonel Jules says: I see your ancestors, Anchorite! They writhe and scream in the darkness...they are with us!
  • Anchorite Barada says: You cannot deceive me, demon! Your strength wanes just as my faith bolsters!
  • Anchorite Barada says: The Light is my guide... it is my sustenance!
  • Anchorite Barada says: You... will... leave... this... man!
  • Anchorite Barada says: The power of the Light compels you! Back to your pit!
  • Anchorite Barada says: Back, foul beings of darkness! You have no power here!
  • Anchorite Barada says: Back! I cast you back...corrupter of faith! Author of pain! Do not return, or suffer the same fate as you did here today!

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