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The Eye of the Jailer

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For the quest, see N [54] The Eye of the Jailer.
Sha ability rogue bloodyeye.png
  • The Eye of the Jailer
  • Instant
  • Completing quests, opening treasures, and defeating rare enemies in the Maw will now incur the Eye of the Jailer, who will torment you with punishments of increasing deadliness.

The Eye of the Jailer is one of the core mechanics of the Maw at max level. Players are not intended to stay in the zone all day - and the Eye of the Jailer will encourage players to leave once the difficulty ramps up. It resets daily.


  • Daily quests from Ve'nari reward one full level
  • Each recovered soul is worth 1/10th of a level
  • Elites are worth 3/5 of a level
  • Idling in the zone is worth roughly one level per hour - via Inv maweye grey.png  Watched — Your loitering in the Maw has not gone unnoticed. Your Eye of the Jailer rating is slowly increasing.


The Eye of the Jailer has six stages, each with increasing threats:

  1. None
  2. Soulseekers attack you on sight
  3. Towers bombard your location, dealing damage and slowing you
  4. Assassins are sent to kill you
  5. Elite assassins are sent to kill you
  6. You will take increasing damage and will be increasingly slowed until you leave or die


Mawsworn Soulseekers are normally neutral mobs in a few quest areas. At level one, they turn hostile.

  • Spell animamaw missile.png  Decaying Blast 30 yd range — Fires a blast of stygian energy at a target, inflicting Shadow damage instantly as well as every 5 sec for 6 sec. 2.5 sec cast
  • Spell shadow evileye.png  Detect Anima 20 yd range — Examines a player, seeking out their anima. When this spell finishes casting, enemies within 30 yards are called to attack the targeted player. 3 sec cast
  • Spell animamaw beam.png  Focused Annihilation 30 yd range — Focuses a ray of stygian energy at the target, inflicting Shadow damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. This damage increases every 1 sec while the beam is focused on the target. 2 sec cast (12 sec cooldown)


Towers will spawn a ~10-yard radius white swirly underneath the player. Get well clear of it or Soul Surge will hit for 50% of max health and spawn five Shackles to snare the player:

Ability mage arcanebarrage.png  Soul Surge 7 yd range Instant. Deals 50% of max health and spawns five Shackle Spikes within 7 yards of the player.
Inv belt 44.png  Shackles — Remove the shackle spike, or move at least 20 yards away from the Shackle Spike to break the shackles. 60 sec debuff. 50% run speed debuff. Click on the Shack Spike NPCs or run away.


Assassins are level 60 humanoids with a handful of abilites that will spawn following some telegraphs:

You are being hunted.
Ability fixated state red.png  Hunted — You are being hunted. An assassin will strike when you next enter combat. Undispellable debuff

The next time the player enters combat, an Assassin will spawn and aggro on the player:

The Jailer says: The end is upon you.

Defeat it for a  [Soul Stabilizer].

Elite assassins

Stygian Abductor

Same mechanics as the assassins, but this time they're elite Stygian Abductors.

Immediate extermination

In this final stage, players take 3% of max health in damage every three seconds, and movement speed is slowed by 5% every three seconds, stacking until the player leaves or dies.

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