The Fall of Ga'trul

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AllianceThe Fall of Ga'trul
Start Sully "The Pickle" McLeary [41.4, 79.6]
End Rell Nightwind [41.5, 79.2]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 166000
Rewards Item level 372 helms
29g 40s
Previous A [86] Fractured Forces, A [86] Smoke Before Fire, A [86] Twinspire Keep, A [86] Unfair Trade,
Next A [86] Onward and Inward


Slay Ga'trul.


Alright <lad/lass>. We've taken enough jabs at this warlock army... now it's time to cut off the head.

Ga'trul's back there, in that big ol' temple ruin. Give him a good what-for, and the Horde will have lost its last stake here in Pandaria.


Inv helmet 25.png [Peacebreaker's Armored Helm] Inv helmet 25.png [Peacebreaker's Burnished Headcover]
Inv helmet 95.png [Peacebreaker's Chain Helm] Inv helmet 23.png [Peacebreaker's Heavy Helm]
Inv helmet 139.png [Peacebreaker's Hide Helm] Inv helmet 139.png [Peacebreaker's Leather Helm]
Inv helmet 95.png [Peacebreaker's Ringmail Helm] Inv helmet 146.png [Peacebreaker's Satin Hood]
Inv helmet 146.png [Peacebreaker's Silk Cowl]

You will receive: 29g 40s


What's the matter, <name>? Didn't you find Sully? Did Ga'trul elude you?



Fighting the Horde on a foreign shore is hard enough.



Enter the keep behind Sully. Ga'trul is at the far end of the room. A level 85 orc, Ga'trul has the following abilities in phase one:

  • Fel Blast 60 yd range — The caster hurls a ball of fel energies at their target, inflicting 72 to 88 Shadow damage. 2.6 sec cast. Hits for ~7500 Shadow.
  • Rain of Meteors — The caster readies himself to call down multiple meteors on his enemies. Targets in the area of impact suffer 63 to 77 Shadow damage. 1.73 sec cast.

And the following abilities in phase two:

  • Rejection 60 yd range — The caster hurls raw energies of doubt at the victim, inflicting 36 to 44 Shadow damage. 1.73 sec cast. Hits for 3600 Shadow.
  • Nagging Doubt — The caster calls upon the negative energies of doubt to rise from the land. Enemies caught in the area suffer 18,000 to 22,000 Shadow damage. 2.6 sec cast.
  • Ga'trul says: Alliance "hero." Let's see how you fight without a flying warship to cover your back!
Ga'trul yells: There's something about this land - you don't understand...
Dark gray energy begins to affect Ga'trul...
Ga'trul says: They defied us - they defied Hellscream's Horde - I should've executed the whole town!
Ga'trul transforms into a Sha!
Ga'trul yells: Burn, Alliance scum! BURN!
Ga'trul says: This land will be your grave.
Taran Zhu and Rell Nightwind enter the keep.
Rell Nightwind says: King's mercy - what happened here? What WAS that thing?
Taran Zhu says: Your foe was overwhelmed by a dark energy we call the "Sha." It thrives on negative emotions, such as doubt.
Taran Zhu says: It has been many years since I have seen it manifest so dramatically.
Rell Nightwind says: I am not surprised. The Horde are monsters!
Rell Nightwind says: We are here on a peaceful rescue mission - will you help us?
Taran Zhu says: I have seen your sky-fortress. Your people have an interesting notion of "peace."
Rell Nightwind says: Left to their own devices, the Horde will overwhelm your land. Will you not help us fight them?
Taran Zhu says: We are not afraid to fight. Our warriors, while few in number, are extremely skilled.
Taran Zhu says: But we will not participate in this... genocidal... bloodbath of yours.
Taran Zhu says: Your conflict will have immense consequences here. Do NOT bring your war to these shores!

Taran Zhu exits and despawns at the bottom of the stairs.

Ga'trul's Logs are on the table, and now that Ga'trul has been dispatched, take a moment to read them.


  1. A [86] The King's Command or A [80] Hero's Call: Jade Forest! or A [10] Mists of Pandaria: To Pandaria!
  2. A [86] The Mission
  3. A [86] Unleash Hell
  4. A [86] Touching Ground
  5. A [86] No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy & A [86] Welcome Wagons
  6. A [86] The Right Tool For The Job
  7. A [86] Envoy of the Alliance & A [86] The Cost of War
  8. Complete all of:
    1. A [86] Priorities!
    2. A [86] Koukou's Rampage
  9. A [86] Fractured Forces & A [86] Smoke Before Fire & A [86] Twinspire Keep & A [86] Unfair Trade
  10. A [86] The Fall of Ga'trul
  11. A [86] Onward and Inward
  12. A [86] The White Pawn & A [86] Hozen Aren't Your Friends, Hozen Are Your Enemies

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