The Fall of Magtheridon (Alliance)

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AllianceThe Fall of Magtheridon

70 (Requires 70)




+1000 Honor Hold



For the Horde version of this quest, see H [70] The Fall of Magtheridon.

This quest begins from the item  [Magtheridon's Head], which is obtained by defeating Magtheridon in Magtheridon's Lair.


Return Magtheridon's Head to Force Commander Danath Trollbane at Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.


The source of Illidan Stormrage's fel orc army has been vanquished. The manufactory halts production of its grim product - at least for now. All that remains are a few trinkets and this severed head - a fitting trophy for a hero of the Alliance.

Return Magtheridon's head to Danath Trollbane at Honor Hold.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 55.png [A'dal's Signet of Defense] Inv jewelry ring 65.png [Band of Crimson Fury]
Inv jewelry ring 70.png [Naaru Lightwarden's Band] Inv jewelry ring 71.png [Ring of the Recalcitrant]

You will also receive: 13g 20s


For the first time - in as long as I can remember - there is silence.


This defeat is not only a blow to Illidan, <name>. The Legion too reels... A pit lord commander has been defeated. The siege of Hellfire Citadel now holds no purpose for the Burning Legion. All of their efforts will undoubtedly be turned upon the Black Temple.

Redemption comes for Illidan... and soon.



Completing the quest will also buff every Alliance character in both Hellfire Peninsula and Hellfire Citadel with the Trollbane's Command, granting 10% Honor Hold reputation gain for two hours.

Force Commander Danath Trollbane yells: The feast of corruption is no more! Magtheridon has fallen to the battle prowess of <name> and <his/her> allies! Witness the might of the Alliance! A pit lord commander is destroyed!
Force Commander Danath Trollbane yells: Hear me brothers and sisters-in-arms! The time of our enemies is at an end! We must strike at the fel orcs that remain! Exterminate them like the vermin that they are! Carry with you the favor of the Sons of Lothar!

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