The Fallen Guardian

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NeutralThe Fallen Guardian



85 (Requires 85)




The Fallen Guardian is offered by Ysera inside the Nordrassil Inn.


Confront and slay Alysra at the Ruins of Lar'donir in Mount Hyjal.


Fandral Staghelm was kept prisoner here in Hyjal. It was the green dragon Alysra - one of my very own! - who was in charge of keeping Fandral secure.

We can only conclude that the Twilight's Hammer has gotten to her. You must confront her, <name>. Destroy her if you must - I cannot bear to see it.

She was last seen in the Ruins of Lar'donir, west of the World Tree.


Alysra has been brought to justice, but from her mangled remains emerged something else. A creature of living flame, twisted to serve the will of the Firelord.

You suspect your paths may someday cross again.


You will receive:


Fly to the Ruins of Lar'donir and speak to Alysra:

It is you again, <class>.
Is something wrong?
<Alysra's tail flinches, and her eyes dart back and forth under their lids.>
Gossip You turned Fandral Staghelm over to the Twilight's Hammer. Why have you betrayed the dragonflights?

Alysra will turn hostile while saying:

Alysra says: No, NO! I didn't "betray" the dragonflights. We were all betrayed. Ysera was lost in a dream while this whole world came undone.

Alysra has 232K health and 17816 mana. If she runs of of mana, she will reset. Eventually she will take a deep breath and cast Living Flame, shooting green fireballs in all directions. Hide behind the broken pillars that surround the area until it subsides.

Once she is killed, Leyara and some Druids of the Flame will arrive:

Druid of the Flame says: We are too late! They killed her, as Fandral predicted.
Leyara says: No, the Firelord has already claimed this one for his own. Do you doubt his power?

They will begin to channel a spell on her, causing her corpse to burn. Once the spell is complete, she will turn into Alysrazor and fly away, saying:

Alysrazor says: Reborn in flame!


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