The Fate of Saurfang

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The Fate of Saurfang is a Horde-only questline taking the player to learn the fate of Varok Saurfang after the Battle for Lordaeron.

Story summary

The Horde adventurer is recalled from Zuldazar to come to Orgrimmar and report to Sylvanas Windrunner. The Warchief asks the hero to work with the dark rangers and find Varok Saurfang whom she deemed a traitor. Working with Dark Ranger Lyana through espionage and deception, the hero uncovered clues about Varok's journey in Elwynn Forest and how he escaped to the Redridge Mountains with the "help" of the SI:7. Taking the guise of humans Sophia and Marion Sutton, they infiltrated Three Corners and Lakeshire, and continued to Lakeridge Highway where they learned that Varok went east. In Redridge Pass they learned that the orc is hiding in the Swamp of Sorrows. At this point, meeting Zekhan, the hero can side either with Sylvanas or with Varok. In Swamp of Sorrows, Lyana brings a squad of the Forsaken and attacked Varok and Zekhan. They successfully repelled the Forsaken ambush. Varok then left the Swamp and Zekhan returned to Orgrimmar.


  1. H [120] The Dark Lady Calls
  2. H [120] The High Overlord
  3. H [120] A Way Out
  4. H [120] On Track
  5. H [120] Eastern Escape
  6. H [120] Corner Crossing
  7. H [120] Signs of Saurfang
  8. H [120] Ever Eastward
  9. H [120] Tracking Tipoff
Side with Varok
  1. H [120] Grim Tidings
  2. H [120] A Warrior's Death
  3. H [120] Queen's Favor
Side with Sylvanas
  1. H [120] For the Queen
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  • The questline is the first to offer the players an option that influences and unlocks further quests.


Patch changes

Activated on 12/18/18.