The Final Effigy

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AllianceThe Final Effigy

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




A [110 - 120] Witch Hunt, A [110 - 120] Cracking the Curse


A [110 - 120] The Waycrest Daughter


Destroy the Cursed Effigy in Fallhaven.


<The effigy's protection has been broken.

All that remains is to break the effigy itself.>


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants cloth kultirasquest b 01.png [Wickerwoven Leggings] Inv pants leather kultirasquest b 01.png [Banisher Breeches]
Inv pant mail kultirasquest b 01.png [Crone-Seeker's Legguards] Inv pant plate kultirasquest b 01.png [Waycrest Militia Greaves]
Inv misc questionmark.png Wickerwoven Cuffs Inv misc questionmark.png Banisher Bracers
Inv misc questionmark.png Crone-Seeker's Bracers Inv misc questionmark.png Waycrest Militia Bracers

You will also receive:

  • 38g 80s
  • 20,560 XP


What's... going on? How long have I been standing here?

A curse!? You're saying the whole village was just... stuck? I knew there was something terribly wrong with that old crone...

It seems that Fallhaven owes you a great debt, stranger.


Interact with the curse and players will get drawn into another phase, and the Deathcursed Terror attacks:

Deathcursed Terror yells: Fool! You will die screaming!

50% health:

Deathcursed Terror yells: All of Kul Tiras will suffer. You are only the first!


Deathcursed Terror says: Gorak Tul... comes...

Defeat the terror and a cutscene plays, showing the villagers all being freed from their curse, starting to move again. The phase changes and the town has standard services, like an inn, mailbox, and flight path now.

Cyril also wakes up:

Cyril White says: What... what is going on?

Check in with him.

On complete:

Cyril White says: I must have you to thank... I never thought I would awaken from that accursed state...
Cyril White says: Fallhaven is in your debt, stranger. Please tell us how we can repay you.

This concludes "The Final Effigy" chapter of Alliance [Drust Do It.] The Drustvar storyline continues with A [110 - 120] The Waycrest Daughter, and some side quests and breadcrumbs are also available: A [110 - 120G3] WANTED: Rindlewoe, A [110 - 120] To Market, To Market, A [110 - 120] The North Pass Caverns.


  1. A [110 - 120] Drustvar
  2. A [110 - 120] The Vanishing Lord
  3. A [110 - 120] Signs and Portents
  4. A [110 - 120] The Wayward Crone
  5. A [110 - 120] Witch Hunt & A [110 - 120] Cracking the Curse
  6. A [110 - 120] The Final Effigy

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