The First Monks

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The First Monks

The First Monks is a monk lore object found at [35.8, 30.5] inside the Thunderpaw Refuge in north-central Jade Forest. Interacting with the monk lore object is the objective of the Pandaria exploration achievement [What Is Worth Fighting For].

The First Monks

In the days of the mogu dynasties, slaves were the lifeblood of the empire. Pandaren, hozen, and jinyu worked fields, dug mines, and built the mighty fortresses of their masters.

To help combat fatigue, maintain morale, and return the wounded to work, the mogu permitted a special caste of slaves that specialized in the brewing of remedies. Simple teas and poultices were their specialty at first. Over the years these specialists became healers, community leaders, and brewmasters.

A noble tradition was born, and these early "monks" became symbols of hope and pride amongst the pandaren.

It was these heroes who first learned how to fight without weapons, in secret. Monks taught the other slaves the secrets of martial arts. When the revolution came, the monks were the first into battle, inspiring the humble farmers, smiths, and masons to follow...

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