The Forgotten Tale

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AllianceThe Forgotten Tale






Orik Trueheart at Dawn's Reach in Dragonblight wants you to hear the tales of a Forgotten Peasant, Forgotten Rifleman, Forgotten Knight and Forgotten Footman.


The toxins in the murkweed elixir will render you unconscious. So powerful is the effect of the murkweed that even your spirit will be fooled, allowing you to temporarily enter the world of the dead.

Once a spirit, you must speak to the ghostly denizens of the Forgotten Shore. Seek out the cause of their anguish and return to me.

Remember, <name>, these spirits were once Alliance soldiers. Treat them with respect, honor and dignity.

Now, with elixir in hand, venture south to the Forgotten Shore.


I have enough murkweed to make more elixirs, <name>.


<Orik's eyes fill with tears.>

They don't know. None of them know! They think Arthas to be some great hero, when in truth it was Arthas who ordered the ships burned. It was Arthas who left us all for dead in this frozen wasteland!

<Orik weeps.>

Not all of the soldiers from the Prince's fleet perished in the freezing winter. I was only a lad when I was given a chance to battle the Scourge... to save our home from certain destruction. I took that chance, <name>.


Find a safe spot above the shoreline and use the elixir; you will cast Death's Door, and gain "Binding Life: Spirit form. This effect only functions at the Forgotten Shore", which lasts for ten minutes. This will also summon a copy of your 'corpse' called the Forgotten Soul. Night elf players will not become wisps, but rather a ghostly version of themselves as all other races normally experience. You don't have to return to this spot when Binding Life ends, but it is likely a good spot to avoid anything living in the forest and the hostile-to-the-living ghosts on the shore. With the effect active, you can still use mounts. The only ghosts you can't see are the Forgotten Captain gryphon riders, but you can hear them at the right places.

When you speak with a certain NPC type, they will say any of the following:

Forgotten Peasant

  • Can't you see that I'm busy! We'll never have this base ready in time for the Prince's return!
  • If it weren't for those damned beasts burning our ships, we'd have been home by now. Now leave me alone so I can get back to work!

Gossip Sorry to have bothered you, friend. Carry on!

Forgotten Rifleman

  • I don't know what could be takin the young prince so long, but I don't think we can hold out for much longer. The cold is gettin' to some of the soldiers.
  • Those damned peasants need to work faster! I wanna get back home to Ironforge. I surely do miss my wife and children.
  • The cap'n says that as soon as Prince Arthas returns we'll be on our way back to Lordaeron.

Gossip I'm sure Arthas will be back any day now, soldier. Keep your chin up!

Forgotten Knight

  • Rage. That's how I can sum up my feelings towards this whole mess. We worked our fingers to the bone trying to get through the woods to the shore only to find that we were too late. Our only way home had been destroyed.
  • When we saw that the ships had been burned by those savage beasts our hearts sank. Never have I felt so helpless...
  • Despite the hardships we've had to go through in this wasteland, I believe that the young prince will see us to victory. I pray each night for his safety.

Gossip I must be going now, soldier. Stay vigilant!

Forgotten Footman

  • Arthas and Muradin have been gone a long time. I hope they aren't in danger.
  • We'll never get these ships ready in time. The winter comes and with it our doom. I fear that the young prince has damned us all.
  • <Forgotten footman shakes his head.>
We can't keep this up, friend. If Prince Arthas doesn't return soon we will all perish.

Gossip I'm sure everything will work out, footman.

When near a peasant, you may hear a Forgotten Captain call out:

  • Look alive, peasant! We've got to get these structures back up!
  • You're gonna have to hammer harder than that, fella! Get a move on!
  • Don't you wanna go home, peasant? These things aren't gonna rebuild themselves!
  • That better be finished by the time Prince Arthas returns!

When by a Rifeman, Knight, or Footman, you may also hear a Forgotten Captain call out:

  • Attention!
    • At ease lad. The Prince will be back soon and we'll be on our way back to Lordaeron.
    • Keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious activity, soldier. I've spotted a few troublemakers mulling about.
    • Remain vigilant, soldier. This terrible war will be over soon.


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