The Fourth Troll Legend

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  • The Fourth Troll Legend
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
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  • "The Emperor's Tomb"

The Fourth Troll Legend is a quest item only lootable by players on the quest A [38] Kurzen's Mystery.


The Fourth Troll Legend is looted from the large stone tablet called The Emperor's Tomb, located in the north western part of the Ruins of Zul'Kunda. There are some back ways to get in, by climbing up the hills to the east of the ruins and running along the ledge there. However, you can also get in the normal way by coming from the east or west (beach) entrances and going up the ramp. Be careful because there is a lvl 41 elite in this area. The tablet can be found near the pool of water in the north eastern part of this "room". Coordinates: (24,09)

As a quest objective



The Fourth Troll Legend

By moon and fire,
By flesh and bone,
Scribed in blood,
Carved in stone.

Leave this place
Or meet your doom
Death stands guard
Over the Emperor's Tomb.

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