The Fruit of Our Efforts

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NeutralThe Fruit of Our Efforts
Start Margaux
End Margaux
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 16,870
Reputation +50 The Nightfallen
Rewards  [Third Year Blue]
or  [Second Year Blue]
or  [First Year Blue]
20g 60s
Previous N [110] Make an Entrance
Next N [110] How It's Made: Arcwine


Taste the Honeyed Infusion, Supple Nectar, and Unctuous Draught.

  • Honeyed Infusion Sampled
  • Supple Nectar Sampled
  • Unctuous Draught Sampled


It is my job to maintain appearances here.

<Margaux smiles apologetically.>

You will have to endure a little showmanship while I walk with you through the vineyard. It is the only way to avoid suspicion.

I will try to help you as I can, but only when it is safe to do so.

Come with me- our first stop is the tasting pavilion. There you can sample some of our work.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv drink 11.png [Third Year Blue] Inv drink 11.png [Second Year Blue]
Inv drink 11.png [First Year Blue]

You will also receive: 20g 60s


Enjoying yourself?


You may want to cleanse your pallete - we craft some strong flavors here!



Margaux turns and heads up the ramp to the tasting pavilion.
Margaux says: The courtyard you just left is open to visitors. From here forward, one of my staff must accompany you.
Margaux says: You can purchase souvenirs and gifts from Sylverin, my assistant. Perhaps you could do that on your way out?
Margaux says: This is our tasting pavilion. We serve only the finest varietals here - many of them enjoyed in the palace!
She stops at the side of Sacheverell Leburque.
Margaux says: Feel free to try the samples we have available today. We will continue the tour when you are finished.
Honeyed Infusion
Sacheverell Leburque says: This three year Infusion incorporates delightful berry elements with a scintillating melon bouquet. Refreshing, yes?
Supple Nectar
You gain a [Levitate]-like effect.
Sacheverell Leburque says: Ah, this is a fine vintage. Seventh generation manafruit entangled with slippery nightsap flavors and a delicate walnut finish.
Unctuous Draught
You become stunned.
Sacheverell Leburque says: This is a heavy blend of barely-ripe shadowberry and manafruit, triple infused with Nightwell essence. It is best appreciated in small sips.


  1. N [110] Moths to a Flame
  2. N [110] Make an Entrance
  3. N [110] The Fruit of Our Efforts
  4. N [110] How It's Made: Arcwine
  5. N [110] Intense Concentration
  6. N [110] The Old Fashioned Way
  7. N [110] Balance to Spare & N [110] Silkwing Sabotage
  8. N [110] Reversal
  9. N [110] Vengeance for Margaux
  10. N [110] Seek the Unsavory
  11. N [110] Hired Help
  12. N [110] If Words Don't Work...
  13. N [110] A Big Score & N [110] Asset Security
  14. N [110] Make Your Mark
  15. N [110] And They Will Tremble

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