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The Golden Serpent

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BossThe Golden Serpent
Image of The Golden Serpent
Race Wind serpent (Elemental)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Kings' Rest[0, 0]
Status Killable

The Golden Serpent is the first boss of Kings' Rest.

Adventure Guide

Kings' Rest has come under attack before. After a foolish troll tried to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer to this island many millennia ago, the priests of Zandalar created a mighty construct to defend this tomb. The Golden Serpent has stood against intruders ever since, judging who is worthy to enter these sacred halls.



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Item Type
Gilded Serpent's Tooth Caster Dagger
Gauntlets of the Avian Sentinel Plate Hands
 [Belt of the Consecrated Tomb] Mail Waist
Breeches of the Sacred Hall Leather Legs
Auric Puddle Stompers Plate Feet
Goldfeather Boots Leather Feet
 [Lustrous Golden Plumage] Trinket

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