The Great Akazamzarak

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NeutralThe Great Akazamzarak
Image of The Great Akazamzarak
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 110
Class Mage
Health 6,075,974
Mana 2,665,535
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Tirisgarde
Occupation Street magician, Portal and teleportation expert
Location Eventide, Dalaran; Hall of the Guardian
Status Alive

The Great Akazamzarak is a goblin located in Dalaran. He is an expert with portals and teleportation. During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, he can be found entertaining the locals of Dalaran.

He is recruited by the Tirisgarde in order to teleport its member's inside the Hall of the Guardian, bypassing the security wards.


Objective of


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  • Where you want to go?
  • Step right up!
  • Yeah?
  • Pick a card, any card.
  • Hey! How about you help me with a new trick? I just need to find that saw...
  • Ah, yeah, sure. Keep that up. You just might disappear, bub!
  • The rabbits, they're everywhere! They control everything!
  • Screw this, I'm makin' my own mage order! With Hearthstone! And succubi! On second thought, forget the mage order!
  • Time is mana, friend!
  • Tips are appreciated.
  • Now where'd that rabbit run off to?
Call to action
  • Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on these feats of prestidigitation!
  • Step up, step up! Witness the magical talents of the Great Akazamzarak! (That's me! How ya doin'?)
  • Gather 'round, and witness mystical wonders like you've never seen!
  • Hearthstone
    The Great Akazamzarak says: Okay, for this trick I'll need a volunteer.
    A male blood elf steps forward.
    The Great Akazamzarak says: Pick a card, any card...
    Dalaran Citizen says: Wow! A golden Dr. Boom!
    The Great Akazamzarak says: Hey! Not that card! Give it back!
    The Great Akazamzarak snags the card back from the citizen, who walks away in tears.
  • Rabbit
    Gaze in astonishment as I produce a rabbit from this ordinary hat!
  • Flowers
    For my next trick - as you can see there's nothing up my sleeve...
    And... bam!
    Akazamzarak pulls out a bouquet of flowers.
  • Thank you, thank you. Your tips are appreciated.
  • Let's keep the show going! The Great Akazamzarak appreciates your coin! (Yeah, put it right there, thank you very much, alright!)

Combat Ally

Spawn (Active)
  • Alright, let's show these bozos a trick or two!
  • I got the spells and you got the coin!
  • The Great Akazamzarak is ready for action!
Spawn (Passive)
  • I've got a ace up my sleeve!
  • Pick a card, any card!
  • Need a hand?
  • Prepare to eat fluffy cotton tail death!
  • Oh, I got a trick for you, pal!
  • I better be getting hazard pay for this.
Killed a mob
  • Yeah, I know I'm good.
  • I really should start charging by the corpse.
  • That's what you get for not leaving a tip!
  • I'm billing him... for my repairs...
  • Stop hitting me... You're the hero...
  • I'm charging extra for this...


Starting with patch 7.2.0, you can mute Akazamzarak in Dalaran by talking to him.

Hey buddy, don't you know better than to interrupt a performer during his show?
Gossip Could you be quiet?

Afterwards, you can talk to him again to undo muting him.

You again?
Look, I don't come to your place and tell you how to <class>, so why don't you just scram?
Gossip Actually, I'd like to watch your show.


Magic Trick in Hearthstone.
  • Game files related to Akazamzarak being a champion already existed during the Legion alpha. He was finally made one in patch 7.2.0.
  • The Great Akazamzarak is voiced by Chris Parson.
  • In the Russian version of WoW, Akazamzarak is named Великий Ахалаймахалай (Velikiy Akhalaymakhalay), a reference to the well-known magic spell Сим-салабим-ахалай-махалай-сяськи-масяськи (Sim-salabim-akhalay-makhalay-syas'ki-masyas'ki) by the Soviet/Russian illusionist Amayak Akopyan.
  • The goblin featured in the card art for Magic Trick, a rare mage spell in the Rise of Shadows expansion for Hearthstone, bears a strong resemblance to Akazamzarak.

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