The Grimtotem Weapon

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NeutralThe Grimtotem Weapon

38 (Requires 35)


3900 (or 23s 40c at 70)




Apprentice Garion at Tabetha's Farm wants you to test the  [Captured Totem] on 10 Mottled Drywallow Crocolisks.


During the last Grimtotem attack, I was wounded, but not before I managed to capture a curious totem our enemies were using against us.

It seemed to be emitting raw bolts of energy during the battle, but in all my experiments, I haven't managed to figure out how it works. I'll loan the totem to you if you agree to help me test it.

The watery areas surrounding the farm are home to pesky mottled drywallow crocolisks. No one will miss them, trust me. Try fighting the crocolisks near the totem.


Have you had any luck testing the totem?


<The apprentice listens as you describe your experiment.>

A haze and some lightning? That's it? There's got to be more to the totem than just that! The Grimtotems aren't likely to bring something like this to the battlefield unless it has some kind of utility.


You will receive: 45s and 3900 XP


The totem applies a debuff to targets within range. It lasts for two seconds and is re-applied after another second or so. The target must be killed while the debuff is active to register the kill with the quest.

You must either get the killing shot in, or be the target of the mob's attacks when it dies in order to receive credit. Hunters, Warlocks and Ice Mages may encounter difficulties with this quest. This may mean turning off your pet's/minion's aggro-building effect (for Hunters and Warlocks) and ensuring that the target regains aggro on you when hit by a Freeze effect (which temporarily causes the target to lose aggro). This problem has been seen since at least patch 2.3.3 and has been reported as late as patch 3.3.5.

It is also possible, if two party members are on the quest, to get double credit for the kill if both totems have been placed.

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