The Hammer of Twilight

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This article is about the Twilight Highlands object and its lore. For the in-game item, see  [Twilight's Hammer]. For the organization, see Twilight's Hammer.
The Hammer of Twilight

The Hammer of Twilight is the weapon of Cho'gall, and a fixed device located at the Altar of Twilight[45.3, 87.9] of the Twilight Highlands.


The Hammer was forged for Cho'gall by enslaved Wildhammer smiths, Forgemaster Finlay among them,[1] commissioned by Deathwing and imbued with power of the Old Gods. It is symbolic for the Twilight's Hammer clan. Its creation was a matter of utmost secrecy until Mathias Shaw/Garona, members of the Earthen Ring and adventurers discovered the whole plot. Although the project became jeopardized by their efforts, Cho'gall succeeded in its creation and now wields it within the Bastion of Twilight. The heroes who were be brave enough to defeat the mad ogre mage could take it for themselves.




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