The Heart of Mokk

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NeutralThe Heart of Mokk



33 (Requires 31)



The Heart of Mokk is a step in helping Fin Fizracket with his sickness, who needs to eat the  [Heart of Mokk] as a cure. However, Mokk the Savage isn't easy to find. One needs to enlist the help of Witch Doctor Unbagwa by giving him one gorilla fang.


Obtain 1 Gorilla Fang from Gorillas in Feralas, Stranglethorn Vale, and Un'Goro Crater.


Witch Doctor Unbagwa know what Mokk the Savage like. Yes, yes!

Me speak with spirits and make he come, I do.

But other gorilla-beast like spirit talkin' too. You protect Witch Doctor Unbagwa and I make he come to you.

Witch Doctor Unbagwa want something first. You bring a Gorilla Fang and me start spirit talking!


Witch Doctor Unbagwa like Gorilla Fangs! For you I talk to spirits. Make Mokk the Savage come.

You protect Witch Doctor Unbagwa from other Gorilla-beast though or no Mokk for you!


There is no direct reward for this quest.


After successfully defending witch doctor Unbagwa, you will be able complete N [33] Stranglethorn Fever.


Elder Mistvale Gorillas, who drop gorilla fangs, wander around Mistvale Valley[50.8, 55.0], right outside the cave[53.9, 47.1] where witch doctor Unbagwa resides.

Upon turning in one gorilla fang to witch doctor Unbagwa, he will summon three waves of gorillas. The first wave consists of an Enraged Silverback Gorilla. After killing this one, Konda will come running into the cave. Having disposed of Konda, the player will finally face Mokk the Savage.

Once dead, Mokk can be looted for the Heart of Mokk, which can then be turned in to Fin Fizracket in Booty Bay[41.8, 72.8].

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