The High Life

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NeutralThe High Life
Start Kelya Moonfall
End Kelya Moonfall
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Nazjatar
Experience 17,850
Reputation +75 Waveblade Ankoan
+75 The Unshackled
Rewards 23g 40s
Next N [120] Saving Corin


Accompany Kelya Moonfall into the Highborne Estates to search for the spirit of her father.

  • Bakery investigated
  • Inn investigated
  • Gardens investigated


You there, I require some help.

Everyone where I once called home lost their lives to the flood. I still don't know what became of my father, Corin.

It pains me to return to the estates, and there are vengeful spirits who haunt the once pristine grounds. Will you help me find out what happened to my father?


You will receive:


<name>, Corin is being tormented by that naga shadowcaster.

We have to do something!


On accept
Kelya Moonfall says: The denizens of the estates are cursed... forced to live in a state of purgatory for Azshara's own glory.
Kelya Moonfall says: I hope my father does not suffer the same fate.
Kelya Moonfall says: Let's check the bakery. Corin always loved their cakes...
Near the Ruined Mixing Stand
Kelya Moonfall says: I remember this place! The scent of fresh baked bread and sweets fills my mind.
Kelya Moonfall says: But that was then. Now there is just rubble...
Kelya Moonfall says: Look! The old mixing stand is still there.

After interacting with the stand, Varel Pansong appears

Varel Pansong says: I need that to prepare cakes for the Queen's arrival! Pay with your life!
Varel Pansong says: Azshara... will come.
Kelya Moonfall says: It's worse than I thought. They are blinded by Azshara's will. The curse has driven them mad...
Kelya Moonfall says: No sign of Corin. Let's go to the old inn. He used to hang around there chatting up the locals for hours.
At the inn
Kelya Moonfall says: Ah.. the inn. This place used to be full of life.
Kelya Moonfall says: Corin loved it here. Look, there's his old stein!
Corin's Mug
Eranor Birtris says: Outsider! We only accommodate those who serve the Queen!
Eranor Birtris says: Azshara... forgive me.
Kelya Moonfall says: Eranor?! You deserved a better fate than this. Rest easy, friend.
Kelya Moonfall says: Still no Corin. My last hope is the gardens by our former home. Please be there...
At the gardens
Kelya Moonfall says: He's not here. Wait... do you feel that?
Kelya Moonfall says: Down here.
Kelya Moonfall says: Father! <name>, we must do something!


  1. N [120] The High Life
  2. N [120] Saving Corin
  3. N [120] On Ghostly Wings

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