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The Horror Comes A-Rising

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NeutralThe Horror Comes A-Rising

90 (Requires 89)




Item level 437 weapons
11g 40s


N [90] Sunset Kings



Slay 7 Shuffling Mistlurkers and 2 Kyparites.


We are protected from the mantid. Such was the agreement made so many millenia ago.

There are forces from which we are not safe, however. The kyparites beneath the ground to the west will haunt us, chase us... even eat us. The mistlurkers eat our kind by the handful.

Help our people, outsider. Defeat our enemies.


Item level 437 weapons
Inv staff 2h pandariaquest b 04.png [Kyparitic Staff] Inv mace 2h pandariaquest b 01.png [Kyparitic Clawmace]
Inv axe 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Axe of the Rikkitun] Inv bow 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Bow of the Rikkitun]
Inv mace 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Obelisk of the Rikkitun] Inv axe 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Boggeo's Ritual Axe]
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Spiked Edge of the Rikkitun] Inv hand 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Thorns of the Rikkitun]
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Boggeo's Thorns] Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Oracle's Blade]

You will also receive: 11g 40s


We hate being eaten.


It is good to have someone of your colossal size in our village.

You have many uses.


  • 236000 XP


Pick up N [90] Fiery Wings and N [90] Incantations Fae and Primal before heading out.

The faerie dragons are closest. Run up to one and click on it. Then follow it as it starts flying away. Get between the sparkles and the ground to catch them. Afterword, head northwest to Rikkilea and start killing the gyreworms. The named mistlurkers are at the west end of Rikkilea.


Optional breadcrumb: N [90] A Not So Friendly Request

  1. N [90] The Heavens Hum With War & N [90] Sacred Recipe
  2. N [90] I Bring Us Great Shame & N [90] Daggers of the Great Ones & N [90] Bound With Shade & N [90] Rending Daggers
  3. N [90] Wood and Shade & N [90] Bound With Wood
  4. N [90] Sunset Kings
  5. N [90] Fiery Wings & N [90] Incantations Fae and Primal & N [90] The Horror Comes A-Rising & N [90] Great Vessel of Salvation
  6. N [90] Bind the Glamour
  7. N [90] Blood of Ancients & N [90] Fires and Fears of Old

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