The Hunter of Mages

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The Hunter of Mages appears in Hall of the Guardian during N Mage [98 - 110] Finding Ebonchill.[66.94, 40.63]


The Hunter of Mages

While information is sparse, it has become apparent that the Order of Tirisfal's success has garnered the attention of the greater demonic lords.

Upon several occasions now mages have been attacked, even ambushed, by demons under the direction of one Balaadur, a powerful eredar. This has caused many setbacks in the Order's plans. In the case of powerful conjurers or archmages, Balaadur himself has entered the fray, somehow creating tears in reality and forcing or convincing said mage to enter it.

In the extremely rare case where someone has lived to tell the tale, Balaadur has been seen sporting the weapons of his dead targets, flaunting them as trophies.

While the Order is lucky that Balaadur has not been able to enter Azeroth, it also makes it nearly impossible to deal with his attacks. All mages of the Order have been warned of his predations.

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