The Jade Witch

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NeutralThe Jade Witch
Widow Greenpaw

86 (Requires 85)





Defeat the Jade Witch.

  • Confront the Jade Witch


The Jade Witch must still have Shin.

I... I can't do it! I don't want to see the witch. Can you please go talk to her and see if she has Shin?

You're an adult, I don't think she would try to turn you into jade.

("Widow Greenpaw: Known to locals as "The Jade Witch" due to the lifelike jade statues she keeps in her yard.")


Inv jewelcrafting emeraldhare.png [Jade Raccoon]

You will also receive: 9g 80s


Hurray! Thank you so much! Shin is saved and you beat up the old witch! And the best part is our parents were never told what we were up to. Hurray!

It looks like everybody who came back is trying to get rid of whatever jade they had. Toya's been collecting it for some reason and said you should go chat with him.


  • 110000 XP


After completing N [86] The Double Hozen Dare and N [86] Down Kitty!, An offers this quest. Head to the Lair of the Jade Witch and speak with her:

Well well, a young visitor.
Have you come to pay your respects at the shrine of my husband? He was a hero you know. A master of Jade crafting and fighting. He was to be remembered forever they said.
Do you like my statues? I craft them with special care saving only the best to provide my husband company and protection.
Gossip Where is Shin?
Widow Greenpaw says: I believe I heard some young whipper snapper in my garden out back. Let's go look for him.
Widow Greenpaw says: Ah, here is the boy. Doesn't he look special? My late husband and I always wanted children.
Widow Greenpaw suddenly attacks!
Widow Greenpaw says: You should join our family, preserved forever in jade.
An Windfur says: You will NOT turn my friends into stupid statues!
Widow Greenpaw says: Here kitty kitty.

On victory:

An Windfur says: Yay! Shin! You're alive!
An Windfur says: Thank you so much <name>! If you find me in Dawn's Blossom later I'll give you one of the things we stashed from our adventures.

On complete:

An Windfur says: Toya's been looking for you. He's been collecting all our extra jade.


Optional breadcrumb: A [86] In Search of Wisdom / H [86] Dawn's Blossom

  1. N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom
  2. N [86] The Double Hozen Dare & N [86] Down Kitty!
  3. N [86] The Jade Witch
  4. N [86] All We Can Spare
  5. N [86] I Have No Jade And I Must Scream
  6. N [86] Mann's Man
  7. N [86] Trapped!
  8. N [86] What's Mined Is Yours
  9. N [86] The Serpent's Heart
  10. N [86] Love's Labor
  11. N [86] The Temple of the Jade Serpent
  12. Complete all of:
    1. N [86] The Librarian's Quandary
    2. N [86] Moth-Ridden & N [86] Pages of History
    3. N [86] Everything In Its Place
  13. N [86] The Jade Serpent

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