The Kaliri Whisperer

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NeutralThe Kaliri Whisperer

96 (Requires 96)




10g 40s



Recover the Old Gavel from Skizzik.


An important contact lives in the nearby Shadowglade. He is meek, but trains kaliri of monstrous size which are quite dangerous.

He once claimed they could knock a rylak out of the sky, but I'll believe that when I see it.

Skizzik is holding a valuable treasure for me. Seek him out and get him back to Veil Terokk if you can. At the very least, recover the gavel I entrusted to him.


You will receive: 10g 40s


Any word on Skizzik?


I see. Well, at least the gavel is safe.

As you may have guessed, it is another of the Talon King's relics.



Pick up N [96] Talon Watch and N [96] Last of the Talonpriests before heading out, but hold on to Talon Watch while working on the quests at Shadowglade.

Take the north road out of Veil Terokk to reach Shadowglade. Skizzik's hut is off the road to the left, but he didn't make it:

<Hooks have been run through his limbs, and a Shattered Hand insignia carved into his beak.
It seems the orcs found him first.>
Gossip Search him for the gavel.

After acquiring the gavel, Skizzik's corpse offers N [96] Mother of Thorns, and run south a few yards and interact with the Kaliri Egg to pick up N [96] Ikky's Egg. Interact with the egg to hatch Ikky, turn in, and pick up N [96] Baby Bird. Do those quests, then head northeast into Shadowglade proper to reach Ishaal's Hut. Quaff the Elixir of Shadows just outside the hut to make Talonpriest Ishaal appear. See the Last of the Talonpriests article for more info. Don't bother turning in until getting sent back after completing the next two quest hubs.


  1. N [96] Return to Veil Terokk
  2. N [96] Last of the Talonpriests
  3. N [96] Ishaal's Orb
  4. N [96] Behind the Veil
  5. Complete both:
  6. N [96] Back from Beyond

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