The Kessel Run

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AllianceThe Kessel Run

12 (Requires 10)




Exodar +250


5s 40c



Kessel at Kessel's Crossing wants you to warn High Chief Stillpine at Stillpine Hold, Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch and Admiral Odesyus at Odesyus' Landing of the imminent blood elf invasion. Return to Kessel when you complete this task. You have 15 minutes. (Be sure to keep it out of water.)


You're just in time, <name>. Blood elf activity in this area has doubled in the past week. Our agents have informed us that the blood elves that call themselves Sunhawks plan to launch an offensive upon Azuremyst soon. I need you to get a warning out to our allies and compatriots.

Warn High Chief Stillpine at Stillpine Hold, Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch and Admiral Odesyus at Odesyus' Landing.

Time is of the essence so I am lending you my elekk. Be sure to keep it out of water.


This is no time to relax!


Well done, <name>. This was a difficult test of your abilities, but you have passed with flying colors. To become a soldier of the Hand of Argus, you must pass many such tests.



The mount you receive is an epic mount (100% speed increase), and you only get this mount for 15 minutes. If you dismount for any reason, you must go back to Kessel and re-accept the quest to get it back. If you go into the PvP areas of Bloodmyst Isle (the areas with red grass), enter water or go into Stillpine Hold's interior, you will dismount. Aside from those potential setbacks, the quest is relatively simple. You must simply find the three leaders at Stillpine Hold, Azure Watch and Odesyus' Landing, respectively. Simply speak with them to warn them.

The mount buff does not expire when the quest is completed, so you may have a few minutes to play around.


Promised One, we thank you for the warning. The Stillpine tribe will be prepared.
Thank you for the warning, <name>. We will prepare our defenses.
Thanks for the warning, <name>! We shall prepare!


The title “The Kessel Run” is a reference to the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Han Solo claimed that his Millennium Falcon “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”.[1]


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