The Klaxxi Council

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NeutralThe Klaxxi Council

90 (Requires 89)




+250 The Klaxxi


Item level 429 necks
11g 40s


N [90] The Dread Clutches, N [90] Not Fit to Swarm, N [90] Dead Zone, N [90] Amber Arms


Travel to Klaxxi'vess at the center of the Dread Wastes. You may speak with Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver in the Terrace of Gurthan for a ride, or travel on your own.

  • Travel to Klaxxi Hub


I must report to the Klaxxi. They would not have woken me unless the situation were dire.

You have not been entirely useless. For that, I will spare your life.

The council may even find a use for you.


Item level 429 necks
Inv jewelry necklace 72.png [Gurthan Locket] Inv jewelry necklace 74.png [Council Choker]
Inv jewelry necklace 61.png [Swarmborn Necklace] Inv jewelry necklace 64.png [Kil'ruk's Pendant]
Inv jewelry necklace 76.png [Sacred Stone Amulet]

You will also receive: 11g 40s


This is a sacred meeting place for the Klaxxi.

It would be wise of you to let me do the talking.



Speak with Kil'ruk again:

If you are so curious about the mantid, I will tell you more on the way to Klaxxi'vess.
Otherwise, leave me to my work.
Gossip Take me to Klaxxi'vess.
Kil'ruk picks up the adventurer and starts flying westward.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: I am Kil'ruk, a warrior from an era long passed.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: In my time, this was a mogu stronghold. It was my honor to paint the walls with their blood.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: For my deeds, I was named a Paragon. A hero to be preserved in amber for a time when the empire would need... correcting.
Flying by Kypari Ik.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: Wakener, what power is this that burns our land and corrupts our trees?
Getting close to the Heart of Fear.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: The palace! This is... not our way. I see why the Klaxxi have been forced to act.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: They are a council of our wisest cultural leaders. They serve to check the power of the Empress.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: Should the Emperess ever fall to corruption or endanger our civilization, the Klaxxi are sworn to unseat her.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: There are others like me. Paragons of each era, frozen in time and buried safely beyond the whispers of the Empress.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: We answer only to the council. And we rest only when their will is done.

This quest completes the "Kil'ruk the Windreaver" criterion of [Amber is the Color of My Energy].

On complete:

Klaxxi'va Vor says: Wind-Reaver. You have awakened. What of Klaxxi'va Tik?
Klaxxi'va Set says: And what is this filth you've brought to our sanctuary?
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: The Klaxxi'va you sent has fallen to an adjunct of Her majesty.
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: This... "filth" defeated the adjunct and saw to my Wakening.
Klaxxi'va Set says: We do not need help from the lesser races! Dispose of it!
Kil'ruk the Windreaver says: Right away, Klaxxi'va.
Klaxxi'va Vor says: No.
Klaxxi'va Vor says: The Wakener may prove useful. One way or another.
Klaxxi'va Set says: As fodder for the swarm, perhaps!

Up next: N [90] The Dread Clutches and N [90] Not Fit to Swarm from Kil'ruk, N [90] Dead Zone from Kor'ik, and N [90] Amber Arms from Ambersmith Zikk


Optional breadcrumbs: B [90] The Klaxxi, N [90] Dread Space, N [90] The Threat in the South, N [90] Better Dead than Dread

  1. N [90] Falling Down & N [90] Nope
  2. N [90] Psycho Mantid
  3. N [90] Preserved in Amber
  4. N [90] Wakening Sickness & N [90] Ancient Vengeance
  5. N [90] The Klaxxi Council

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