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The Last Guardian (WC3 NightElf)

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For other uses, see Last Guardian (disambiguation).
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This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The Last Guardian is an interlude in the night elf campaign Eternity's End. It represents the first time several major events are depicted in-engine.


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Two days later, in a tranquil glade of Mount Hyjal...


Tyrande and Furion wait in a glade while a raven flies overhead.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: We have no time for this, Furion! What are we doing out here?
IconSmall Malfurion.gif Furion Stormrage: Last night in a dream, a great raven spoke to me and summoned me to this place.
Thrall and Jaina arrive in the glade.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: We were summoned here as well.
IconSmall Malfurion.gif Furion Stormrage: Who are you, outlanders?
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I am Thrall, son of Durotan, Warchief of the Horde.
IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: And I am Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the human survivors of Lordaeron.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: You are not welcome here!
The raven lands and transforms into the Prophet.
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: Peace, Priestess. They've come to aid you against the Legion.
IconSmall Malfurion.gif Furion Stormrage: It was you in my dream! But who are you to make such an offer to us?
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: I... am the reason for the Legion's return.
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: Years ago, I brought the orcs into this world, and by doing so, I opened a path for the demons as well.
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: For my sins, I was murdered by those who I cared for most.
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: Despite my death, war raged across the lands of the east for many long years, leaving entire kingdoms devastated in its wake.
IconSmall Medivh.gif The Prophet: Now, at long last, I have returned to set things right. I... am Medivh, the Last Guardian. I tell you now, the only chance for this world is for you to unite in arms against the enemies of all who live!


  • In the Reforged version of the interlude, Medivh is shown being killed by knight Anduin Lothar and mage Khadgar instead of shown as just being killed by footmen.