The Lay of Ameth'Aran

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The Lay of Ameth'Aran.

The Lay of Ameth'Aran is located on Darkshore.[43.3, 58.8]

Objective of


Long had the children of the stars dwelled upon the banks of the shimmering waters of the Eternal Well. To all was known that Elune, light of the eternal twilight, aspect and goddess of the moon, dwelt within its waters at such time that she rested from her works. Upon the shores of the Well did the children of the stars, favoured of Elune, build their homes, even as their gaze was trained ever skyward, into the moonlit night.

Though there were many towns and places of habitation constructed upon the lakeshore, Ameth'Aran and Bashal'Aran were the foremost, having the touch of Azshara, the Kaldorei's beloved queen, in their creation. Her favored servitors, those of the highborne, she brought to the twin towns to reside, and to govern them she placed Athrikus Narassin, though it would be that he would spend most of his days in his Tower of Althalaxx, some ways removed of the towns.

His second, a mage known of his prowess in the arcane arts as much as with his physical abilities, was Asterion, who lived among the people of Bashal'Aran, and went many times to Ameth'Aran, to see to the needs and wants of its people.

And so it was, upon the shores of the Well of Eternity, the twin towns grew and prospered, while the world beneath the stars fell slowly to madness.

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