The Leaders at Jin'Alai

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NeutralThe Leaders at Jin'Alai

77 (Requires 75)





Scalper Ahunae at Zim'Torga has asked you to retrieve the Treasure of Kutube'sa, the Treasure of Gawanil, and the Treasure of Chulo the Mad.


You thinkin' what Ahunae thinkin', mon?

Some of the Drakkari trolls have gathered at the Pools of Jin'Alai to the southwest. We be needin' to draw out their leaders, and Ahunae knows just how you be doin' it, too!

Go in there and kill those trolls. When you kill enough, their leaders show up.

When they show up next to their totems, you make sure to be gettin' the treasure of Kutube'sa, Gawanil, and Chulo the Mad, mon.


You will be allowed to choose one of these rewards
Inv boots cloth 08.png [Soothsayer's Sandals] Inv belt 09.png [Supple Belt of the Bloodletter]
Inv boots chain 03.png [Boots of the Great Sacrifice] Inv jewelry ring 52naxxramas.png [Ring of Ancestral Protectors]

You will also receive: 5g 60s and  [Candy Bar] (5)


The <class> must be back talkin' to Ahunae because the <class> has all that treasure.


The scalper thinkin' that you be his kind of <race>!

What's these candybars doin' in here? What we do with this, mon?

Ahunae say that you can have them back!


The quest area is just south-west of Zim’Torga ( The approximate center is 57,64 ) It is suggested that you also do the “Breaking through Jin’Alai” quest at the same time, as they are in the same place and the requirement is to kill mobs in order to spawn the three “Leaders”. Right click a cauldron to “Disturb” it. Both quests should be available together.

To spawn the leaders you must kill 4 medicine men and 4 warriors in specific places. To spawn Gawanil you must kill the previously mentioned number of mobs near Chulo's totem. And then vice versa for to spawn Chulo. To spawn Kutube'sa you must kill the mobs on the outside upper level area. . A Totem Leader will spawn (non-elite lvl 77). Kill it, loot the body and the gold box in its’ hand to get credit. Be sure to loot the boxes quickly for they despawn quickly and sometimes the bosses fall directly on top of them. So loot but don't forget about the boxes


  1. N [77] The Leaders at Jin'Alai
  2. N [77] Sealing the Rifts
  3. N [77] Scalps!

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