The Legend of Stalvan (2)

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AllianceThe Legend of Stalvan

28 (Requires 22)




Stormwind +75


Part of the Legend of Stalvan quest chain.

After searching through his records, Clerk Daltry has found the name Stalvan Mistmantle, however his last known address has been recorded as Moonbrook Schoolhouse. Realising how outdated the records must be, Clerk Daltry employs you to seek out Stalvan's last known address, and find any information which may update his records.


Travel to the Moonbrook Schoolhouse and bring back any updated information about Stalvan to Clerk Daltry.


Stalvan, eh? Let me check the town registry.

Stalvan. . .Stalvan. . .let's see. Ah, here we go! I have a record of a Mr. Stalvan Mistmantle. The last recorded address is the Moonbrook Schoolhouse. My, talk about outdated!

Do me a favor will you, friend? If you happen to go out to Moonbrook, let me know if you get any update on this fellow. I like to keep the records clean.


You will receive the following:


The old footlocker creaks open. . . .


  • Clerk Daltry can be found in the Duskwood town hall, at the co-ordinates (72,46)
  • Be sure to have an empty inventory space, for the information you find at the Moonbrook Schoolhouse.
  • The Schooolhouse can be found in Westfall, at the rough co-ordinates of (41,66). Just look for the building that is similar in appearance to the building where Clerk Daltry may be found, the starter of this quest.
  • To complete this quest, one must look in the Old Footlocker, which can be found in the main room just before the elevated front.
  • Opening the Footlocker releases a Forlorn Spirit. The spirit will not attack you whilst the log is up from opening the footlocker, but once you close it you will have to kill it. The spirit is reasonably easy, however it can cast polymorph as well as Curse of Stalvan, reducing attributes by 5.
  • The Forlorn Spirit appears whenever you open a container within this quest, and many believe it to be the spirit of Tilloa, whom you will learn more about during the rest of the quest series.


  1. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  2. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  3. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  4. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  5. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  6. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  7. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  8. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  9. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  10. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  11. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  12. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  13. A [35] The Legend of Stalvan

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