The Legend of Stalvan (5)

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AllianceThe Legend of Stalvan

28 (Requires 22)




Stormwind +150




Part of the Legend of Stalvan quest chain.

It seems Stalvan did stay a few nights at the inn. Around the same time, a messenger took refuge from the rain for a night. The messenger fled in fear that same night. His belongings remain in a chest in the room in which he had stayed, including a letter addressed to the Canal District in Stormwind. Perhaps you could deliver it, in order to find out more about Stalvan?


Retrieve Stalvan's Undelivered Letter from the chest and deliver it to the Canal District in Stormwind.


The name Stalvan rings a bell. I remember now.

Many years back, on a stormy night, a messenger came in, seeking refuge for the night. Near the stroke of midnight, the man ran down the stairs screaming, his face pale with fear. Still wearing his bedclothes, he disappeared into the downpour.

In his haste he forgot his letters in the chest upstairs. He never returned for them. One remains from that Stalvan fellow, intended for the Canal District in Stormwind. Help yourself to it.


What have ya got there? Let me take a look at that. . .


You've got some nerve bringing this here.


You will be rewarded

  • 1700 Experience
  • +150 Reputation with Stormwind


  • Innkeeper Farley can be found within the Lion's Pride Inn at the co-ordinates (43,65)
  • Be sure you have a free inventory spot for the undelivered letter
  • The messenger's room is to the right as you come up the stairs, through to the room with the bed. The storage chest should be at the foot of it, with the undelivered letter within.
  • Caretaker Folsom can be found in the Canals near the park, at the co-ordinates (43,71)


  1. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
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  5. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
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  12. A [28] The Legend of Stalvan
  13. A [35] The Legend of Stalvan

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