The Legend of the Horn

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This item is provided for H [71] The Horn of Elemental Fury.


Long had the tale of the Horn of Elemental Fury been told at the campfires of the taunka. Generations of warriors grew up hearing the stories and sought the horn's hiding place in vain. Like the others, mighty Stormhoof vowed to seek the horn, leaving behind his village and his family.

Braving the biting cold and fierce elementals of Frostblade Peak, Stormhoof climbed the mountain alone. Upon reaching the summit, Stormhoof was greeted by the North Wind itself. Knowing the wind would not give up the horn without a fight, the mighty warrior issued his challenge.

For five days, Stormhoof struggled against the wind. As the sixth day dawned, he banished the wind from Frostblade Peak and took possession of the horn. Battered and injured, Stormhoof departed the mountain for his village.

The North Wind gathered a host of lesser elementals and attacked Stormhoof as he neared home. The weakened warrior could not defend himself against the onslaught and the North Wind took its revenge. It broke the horn into two pieces, encased them in shiny baubles, and gave them to two powerful gorloc chieftains as tokens of their authority.

<The original text ends abruptly, but someone, perhaps Windtamer Barah, seems to have made an addendum below.>

As they were instructed by the North Wind, the gorloc chieftains passed down these precious relics to their sons and grandsons. To this day, the horn's pieces remain with Chieftain Burblegobble and Chieftain Gurgleboggle.

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