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The Life Spring

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AllianceThe Life Spring

93 (Requires 92)




Item level 532 necks
18g 90s


A [93] Do the Dew



Collect Waters of Utrophis.


So we came here cause we needed a weapon we saw the botani using.

Hansel grabbed the artifact an' Scorchbrow an' I were supposed to grab the special water the thing runs on.

We didn't know that water so full of life forms an elemental.

If ya mosey up to the cauldron at the base of that fancy lookin' ancient artifact in Evermorn Springs, you'll be findin' this beast. If ya can kill it and get its water, we can use it when we get the rest of the artifact.

("Utrophis: Manifestation of living water.")


You will receive one of:

Item level 534 necks
Inv misc necklace 6 0 042.png [Botani Tangle Chain] Inv misc necklace 6 0 029.png [Utrophis-Soaked Spiritstone]
Inv misc necklace 6 0 001.png [Waterworn Ogre Carving] Inv misc necklace 6 0 018.png [Smoothed Spiritstone]
Inv misc necklacea6.png [Botani Thorn Necklace]

You will also receive: 18g 90s


Now I see why some become Rangari. This is exciting.


You are carrying something of great power on you. I could feel it as you approached.


  • 14100 XP


East southeast of the main area where the Dew Masters were, find Utrophis in a little alcove.

Before leaving the area, head uphill to the northeast to find rare botani Bashiok. Also, make sure to finish killing Bloom Weavers and gathering Potent Pollen for the other quests before returning to camp.


  1. A [93] Deeproot / H [93] The Razorbloom
  2. Complete all of:
    • Finding the infected:
    1. A [93] The Razorbloom / H [93] Mossy Fate
    2. B [93] The Voice of Iyu
  3. A [93] Dark Iron Down / H [93] Cutter
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [93] Do the Dew / H [94] Secrets of the Botani
  6. B [94] The Life Spring
  7. A [94] A Heavy Helping Hand / H [94] Thieving Dwarves
  8. Complete all of:
  9. B [92] Iyu
  10. B [92] Power of the Genesaur

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